The company Lansche Audio, located in the town of Constance on Lake Constance, Germany, is able to boast something that other loudspeaker manufacturers would love to have: the perfect tweeter.

In 1998 we were able to take over the technology and all the rights pertaining to the legendary Corona ion tweeter and to significantly develop this exceptional chassis, enabling us to integrate it as a core component into our own world class loudspeaker systems.

The Corona comes much closer than any other tweeter system to the ideal of a zero mass and point shaped sound source, since with its electric arc, it directly activates the surrounding air as a sound transmission medium.

Extreme rapidity with an upper cut off frequency of 150,000 Hertz means it is superior to the usual concepts of its size, leading to an outstanding impulse, phase and amplitude response in the audio range. This tweeter is also completely resonance free. The result is a level of detail definition, precision and effortless naturalness of playback previously considered to be impossible.

The credo of our product development is to attain the fastest possible (and therefore low-loss) processing and acoustic conversion of the signal over the entire spectrum. This demands the highest quality materials and the highest skilled workers: but the perfection of the Corona knows no compromises.














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