by Chris Sommovigo


Sterelab and Black Cat products are among the finest audio cables in the world, manufactured with the finest materials, use the finest connectors, and are terminated by expert hands in our Atlanta, GA USA facility.

Their products are supremely accurate and extremely consistent because technology typcally employed to manufacture parts for use in electronic warfare, hi-tech surveillance, and military aerospace communication is also employed to make our cables. “Hand-Made” is a wonderful way to make a rocking chair ...

Our cables are grouped into different series, and geometries and technology can differ greatly depending upon the series. For instance: Analog cables in the Studio line employ tubular copper conductors in solid (high density) PTFE dielectrics, while cables from the Reference line use microfilar pure silver conductors encased in air-articulated (low density) PTFE dielectrics.


The finest materials, the finest technology, the finest processes … Stereolab cables do what others only pretend to: They bridge the gap between Audio and Music.




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