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Tripoint Audio





  • Triple constraint building for the chassis. 20 pounds more of mass in the new construction.
  • New isolation bases for our proprietary EMI/RFI filtering modules.
  • New isolation base for the isolation bases. Double chassis isolation eliminates all mechanical distortions and negative resonances.
  • Thor Master Reference silver wire to ground all parts internally.
  • New added Thor pure silver shields and dielectrics for added noise rejection and enhancement of tonal purity.
  • The Troy Signature provides superior dynamic full bodied presentation of the music/video picture with less added energy of its own. This is due to lower mechanical distortions and higher noise rejection scheme.
  • Better pin-point precision and blacker blacks
  • Three Cardas pure copper binding post. Allows you to hook up a maximum of nine components
  • One 2 meter fixed power cord with a Oyaide P- 079 male plug
  • African Bubinga chassis with 14 coats of clear piano finish
  • Four cables: One 3 meter, Two 2 meters, One 1.5 meter grounding cables with Oyaide spades
  • Impedance ground match for your components
  • 3/4 “ black anodized faceplate
  • Three 1" brass spikes
  • Custom wood shipping crate
  • Ten year warranty
  • Dimensions: 12.5” wide, 14” depth, 8.25” height
  • Weight: 76 pounds / 112 pounds with shipping crate


Tripoint Key Features


  • Dedicated EMI/RFI passive filtration component with proprietary modules made with classified composite materials
  • Proprietary Pure Silver Grounding Cables
  • Point-to-point wiring
  • No transformers, circuit boards, caps, op-amps, ferrites, coils, chips, plastics, LED’s or degrading parts that would create any electronic signature to the sound
  • Eliminates ground loop
  • Provides impedance ground match for all your components
  • Eliminates cheater plugs that degrades the sound
  • Does not interfere with music flow, impulse signal flow
  • Vibration control tuning. Through resonance control and implementation of the right materials we can tune your Tripoint system to match your personal preferences
  • Copper binding post provided to ground your components
  • Solid African Bubinga chassis
  • Anodize laser engraved Tripoint logo on new design top face plate.
  • CNC deep engraved Troy Signture mini front plate.
  • Elegant appearance with different wood finishes available
  • Ten Year Warranty


Improvements To Your High-End System

  • Improves smoothness and fluidity
  • Improves openness and transparency
  • Improves depth of soundstage
  • Improves three dimensionality
  • Improves definition and nuance of all frequencies
  • Improves timing and pace of the audio signal
  • Improves three dimensionality
  • Improved harmonic structures to sound like real instruments
  • Tighter images in the soundstage
  • Longer decays of musical notes
  • No thinness, brightness, or glare
  • No signature to the sound

Upgrade Grounding Cables:

  • THOR MASTER REFERENCE GROUND: Our flagship grounding cable. Energy balance throughout the frequency spectrum with a complete transparent window to the music
  • MASTER REFERENCE SILVER: One meter Master Reference Silver cable with Oyaide spades.
  • SIGNATURE SILVER: One meter pure Signature Silver cable with Oyaide spades.. Signature Silver Sonic Signature: immediate, fast, open sound, with silky smooth high frequencies.
  • All cables conditioned on the Audiodharma Cable Cooker Version 2.5 Pro.




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