Axpona 2010 - Jacksonville

The very first Axpona show we attended and showed in with The Signal Collection (Importers of the famous Continuum Audio labs Caliburn TT. This was put together last minute and could not pass up the opportunity to setup this monster table (Lots of Elbow Grease Needed). This is by far the best analog vinyl playback system we have experienced to date!

We also had Tripoint Audio join us last minute as the room they were going to show with was shut down last minute. 




Axpona 2011 -Chicago

Our second Axpona show, now hosted in Chicago. We had an all out assault in a very big room, BMC Electronics, Lansche 5.1a, Bergman Magne TT and StageIII cables. 


RMAF 2010 

This was our first and only Rocky Mountain Audio Show so far, we had a great time partnering with Chris Summovigo once again and working the room with Todd from MA Recordings, amazing sound from a modest and simple setup. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of our modest room and other noteworthy pics we had time to capture during the show. 


Axpona 2017 

We attended Axpona in 2017 in search of a studio grade reel to reel that can be used in a high end audio home system. We found and started to carry Mara Machines by Chris Mara out of Nashville. Had a great time while there and met up with many of the usual suspects, lots of fun. This show keeps getting better and better!  Hope you enjoy some of the pics from the most enjoyable rooms we found while there.