Tripoint Audio Troy Signature BLK


Tripoint Audio Troy Signature BLK

9,000.00 16,000.00

Rare opportunity, New Old Stock Tripoint Signature BLK. One of the latest generations of the renowned Tripoint Troy, Signature version finished in special all black termination. Call us or email us with any questions.  


MI/RFI passive filtration device component.

  • Triple constraint building for the chassis. 20 pounds more of mass in the new construction.

  • New isolation bases for our proprietary EMI/RFI filtering modules.

  • New isolation base for the isolation bases. Double chassis isolation eliminates all mechanical distortions and negative resonances.

  • Thor Master Reference silver wire to ground all parts internally.

  • New added Thor pure silver shields and dielectrics for added noise rejection and enhancement of tonal purity.

  • Three Cardas pure copper binding post. Allows you to hook up a maximum of nine components

  • One 2 meter fixed power cord with a Oyaide P- 079 male plug

  • African Bubinga chassis with 14 coats of clear piano finish

  • Four cables: One 3 meter, Two 2 meters, One 1.5 meter grounding cables with Oyaide spades

  • Impedance ground match for your components

  • 3/4 “ black anodized faceplate

  • Three 1.5" brass spikes

  • Custom wood shipping crate

  • Two year warranty

  • Dimensions: 12.5” wide, 13” depth, 8.25” height

  • Weight: 68 pounds / 112 pounds with shipping crate

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