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Over the years I have tried most of the raved outlets on the market and the Porter Ports from Albert Porter were the best that I had found that did not add or take way from the music... here’s a few, Oyaide R1, Synergistic Research Telsaplex, FIM 880, WattGate Silver 381 ag, PS Audio powerport premier, Jena Labs, Isoclean Gold. All these other outlets did something to harm the music in some way...some hyped up the highs and mids and others had bloated low ends. I always thought the Porter Ports were the best on the market that I had tried until I tried the Maestro outlets. The Maestro outlets are the most neutral and most accurate outlets that I have ever heard.
— Richard Patrick
he Maestro outlet was a excellent purchase. Service was super fast. I replaced a Gold Wattgate outlet with the Maestro and it sounds so much more realistic and musical. What a bargain.
— JRN - Audiogon Member
I received the TROY, thank you. Hooked up preliminarily, and can hear an improvement. I can’t wait to get the rest of the system hooked in, particularly the amps. At that point, I can really do some more critical evaluation. But right away, I head a certain low level resolution that was very special. Really tamed some digital. Really nice. Seemed to improve the pitch on mid and low bass.

I’ll give you a shout if I have questions.

— J
Hello Fernando,

Congratulations on making a great product. These are a vast improvement over the Teslaplexes I was using, I had both versions of the Teslaplex the original and the new SE. The sound is bigger, transparent, has a lower noise floor, more ambiance with micro details, the Tesla sounds artificial by comparison. My current setup is semi-modest compared the ultra hifi’ers. Mostly made it up modified components, that includes a, Project RPM4 TT w/Denon DL110 Cart, Highly Modded Hagermann Bugle Phono, a high end HTPC with a modified internal sound card analog out via an ALO Audio Jenalabs Ultrawire to RCA, all going to Modified Ultralinear VTL Deluxe Compact 100watt EL34 tube amplifiers to a Klipsch Forte II’s with Titanium diaphragms and modernized x-overs. Needless to say I heard quite a difference between the Teslaplex in the adjacent wall outlet and your Maestro. It was easier to spot when i had one of the monoblocks plugged into each of the outlets, with some replay’s of reference tracks and reversing the stereo channels in the Foobar2000 software player for easy comparison. I also have a several unique headphone amplifiers on hand that i had plugged in and was also easily able to discern the different between the two outlets. The Teslaplex had been an upgrade from the Oyaide R1, which I thought was too diffuse in its presentation and seemingly colored the sound to make things sound hifi. But now this Maestro is even an greater jump in sonics, it definitely places you in the middle of the music, more so than previous two products. This is a no brainer purchase, and once you compare it to similar products, it leaves them in the dust. To those disbelievers, this isn’t just a tweak it’s entire upgrade to the sonic chain, buy it and thank yourself later. To think that a simple 80 dollar power outlet done right can make this much of a difference in your setup. Kudos :)
— Sergio Correa
Hello sir,
i got the tripoint spartan today.
thank you again to sell the item to me.
it is amazing!!!!!!!!
i love you.
— Lee
I bought the Maestro outlet a couple weeks ago and it is the best a/c outlet I’ve had in my systemto this day . As advertised very fast & neutral,musical !
— DQMAN - Audiogon Member