Maestro M1 Power Cord


Maestro M1 Power Cord

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The Maestro M1 power cord has been designed with the same sonic principles behind the Maestro outlet and it is a perfect match for it. We wanted a power cord that was flexible , would provide enough current and would not be editorial while supplying high-end audio and video equipment with clean unrestricted power. 

3 conductors of fine stranded silver plated and tinned pure copper strands carry hot , neutral and ground signals to pure silver plug contacts. We use pure silver IEC and Male Plugs. Wire and Plugs are taken through a professional microprocessor controlled deep cryogenic process. A high quality ferrite is also implemented on the IEC end.

Double shields of 100% aluminum-laminated foil and 93% tinned copper braid with 32 strands guard against interference from electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interferece. The external diameter of the Maestro M1 power cable is 13 mm and with the following certifications - VDE, HAR, UL, CUL / CE.

So what does it sound like? Coherent, Linear with transparency and very musical. No edges or highlights in the upper frequencies typically found in palladium plated silver or rodium plated copper plugs. 

This is a very natural non fatiguing power cable with a beautifully balanced presentation. 

Technical specifications: 

Outer diameter: 13 mm (M1)
Diameter of conductors: 3x 2,5 mm²
Shieldings: Alu-PE Foil | 32x 0.10 braid
Rohs conform
Isolation resistance: > 20 MOhm x KM
Isolation: PVC TM2, VDE 0472
Test voltage: 3000 Volt
Burn in time: ca. 16 hours
Approvals: VDE | CE | UL | CSA

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Customer Reviews


Hi Fernando,

I've now installed a third Maestro M1 Power Cord in my system. With each power cord the sound has become clearer, more detailed, and more dynamic. The tone is beautiful and everything seems more real and natural. I've owned a number of power cords over the years, some of them more expensive than the Maestro, but the Maestro M1 is easily the best. Thanks for a great product.



My Maestro power cable is starting to come around now as they break-in more now...I think your power cable is going to *SHOCK* A LOT PEOPLE OUT THERE...they are SO... MUSICALLY INVOLVING!!... With just *ONE Maestro power cable* in my system... it sounds much more like your at a *LIVE EVENT* than listening to recorded music!!...WOW !!...

I can't until I get my other Maestro power cables to see how better my system sounds with more of your power cables! 

Talk to you later
Richard Patrick